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Enter a new line of printing perfection

Print Directly onto Ribbons with the


But don't stop with just ribbons

This powerful printer can print onto a variety of surfaces


Satin Ribbons

Satin and petterson tapes can directly be printed with this system.


Thermal Labels

Affordable thermal labels for office, school and work can be made.


Stationery Stickers

Stationery and school labels can be made that is water resistant and durable.


Iron on Labels

Create iron on labels for your clients to mark shoes, clothes and towels with.


Foil Packaging

Print directly on "Biltong Bags" and other foil type packaging in roll form.


Barcodes & Shipping Labels

Quickly create barcode and serialised labels for your clients.

The Ribbon Printer by BizInBox will enable you to print onto Satin Ribbons, Lanyards, Stickers, Lables, Foil Packages and so much more

The Printer

A powerful and compact printer that fits perfectly on your desk

Use any font or image

With this printer you are not limited to specific fonts or images, with the provided software you can use any font or image

Easy and Simple to Use

Just insert the logo, wording or image and press print, in a matter of minutes you will have a lot of lables, or meters of ribbons


Wide print area

You can print from 25mm upto 100mm wide media, with the provided spacers you can print up to 5 ribbons at at time.


With a low cost to print you will be printing profits from the very first print. Using Direct thermal labels the only cost would be the label.

Included in the system


Main Unit & External Stand

We include not only the main printer unit but an external roll stand as well to accomodate larger label and stain ribbon rolls and ensure.


Spacer Plates

The spacer plates are essential for satin ribbon printing as it enables you to print multiple ribbons at at time.


Media Sample Pack

We also include a sample pack of ribbons and labels to create samples with and gain confidence when your first order lands.


Foil Sample Pack

The foil sample pack will help you print on a variety of media from the start so you can confidently create your first order.



Software are crucial in any business, that is why we include it right from the start so you can launch your business easily.



Without knowledge your system is useless, we provide training at your closest branch and include a step by step guide.

Need to know more?

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