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Novelty Printing System

Fully Customizable printing system that is made to fit every budget and every printing need


Choose your base size and add on modules to fit your needs and budget

Easy and Simple to Use

Just plug and play. Simply print and press on your desired configuration and you can make an endless range of products


Printing Options

We also have multiple printing and cutting options for you to add on to your base heat press

Unlimited Sites

We have training and support available on our systems ensuring you operate profitably.

Build it Up

Choose your base, modules and printing methods

A First in Africa
Now you are in control of what your Novelty System can do.

We have revolutionised the Heat Press.
You can now add on, upgrade and extend your heat press with our new Build-It-Up range of heat presses. Simply choose your base, choose which modules you want to add and extend the capabilities with one of our printing methods. 

1. Choose your Base


15x20cm Flat Base

The 15x20cm base is perfect for quick small size runs like coasters, logos on garments and mousepads


28x38cm Flat Base

An oversized A4 press space will give you plenty of room to decorate garments, pillows and other flat surfaced items


38x38cm Flat Base

The 38x38cm Flat Base is perfect for full scatter cushions, adult sized garments, novelty items and it boosts productivity.

2. Choose your Modules


Mug Module

The Mug Module allows you to print onto mugs. We have 4 different shape of elements to choose from, ensuring you only get what you need.


Plate Module

The Plate Module allows you to print on the inside of plates, in either 8 or 10 inch sizes. You can also use this module for small flat surfaces.


Cap Module

The Cap module allows you to print on any cap or beanie. This module is versatile so you can print onto baseball, trucker, 5 or 6 panel caps and beanies.

3. Choose your Printing Methods



Add on a Sublimation Ready Printer. We stock A4 and A3 size printers with built in bulk tanks, ensuring you print profitably.
No additional software or drivers needed on these printers.



Add on Inkjet for all your transfer prints like Dark Transfer, Sticker Vinyl & Water Slide
Built in Bulk Tanks ensures low cost printing.


Electronic Cutter

Silhouette America Cutters are available to ensure you can cut fine details on large surfaces so you can operate effeciently. Crucial for wall art, vinyl applications and decals



By combining Embroidery with your printing system you can cater to all clients and customization needs. We have affordable Brother machines which are easy to use and profitable to operate.

Pre Configured Options

Our popular pre-configured options for budding entrepreneurs

These can be upgraded as well, as needed but serves as a solid starting point for budding entrepreneurs in the printing market.


The Rock/Puzzle Printer

Print onto a variety of items like puzzles, photo rocks, t-shirts, aprons and scatter cushions.


The Mug Printer

Personalise mugs, waterbottles, travel mugs, ashtrays, piggy banks and more with this versatile system.


The Smart Printer

This system lets you customise virtually any flat surface and mugs. Simple, smart and customizable.


The 4 in 1

Need to combine mugs, t-shirts and walls in an all in one system? Then this is for you. Create a wide variety of products quickly and affordably.


The T-Shirt Printer

A Specialised approach to garment printing. This system will enable you to print on any type of fabric as well as a host of other products.


The Super System

Complete flexibilty in printing surfaces. This will enable you to print mugs, plates, caps, tshirts, walls and so much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sublimation Printing is best understood as a printing process.
1. The ink is not a complete liquid, the ink is made up of tiny dye particles that is suspended in a liquid.
2. The dye particles only adheres to synthetic surfaces like polyester, polymer or poly-rich surfaces.
When printing your design on a sublimation enabled printer the liquid passes through the nozzles and onto the paper. Just like a normal printer.
Then your printout gets placed in a heat press with the item to be printed on to.
The tiny dye particles then goes from a solid state into a gas and back into a solid state onto the printing surface.
The end result is a permanent print onto a surface.

Vinyl is a coloured medium that can be cut via a vinyl cutter into wording or shapes or logos. Different colours can be applied to the same surface giving it a full colour result. Vinyl comes in 2 forms. 
1. Heat Flex vinyl. This can be heat pressed onto most fabrics. Depending on where you buy it can have a great lasting result.
2. Sticker Vinyl. This is an adhesive vinyl that can be stuck against walls, cars, windows and more.

Printable Transfers are a paper-like medium that has a washable finish. It comes in transparent for light fabrics and white for dark fabrics.

The commercial type gives a lasting print onto most fabrics and is easy to use.

Simply print it out on an inkjet printer and heat press onto the garment.

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