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Cities and community leaders everywhere are hosting movie nights in the park for their communities. When an organization puts on an outdoor screening, there are a few ways to go about it. They can either purchase their own outdoor movie equipment, and run the event themselves, or they can hire an event producer to take care of the event for them. There are opportunities all across the country for prospective event producers, and we can help you get on your way to starting your own successful event production company.


Home System

Our HOME CINEMA is perfect for your back yard or park and comes in 2 sizes 3 & 5 meter screens can accommodate 50 –250
It comes complete with screen, projector and sound system. 


Professional System

Our PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM is perfect for your neighbourhood park, or corporate event, we’ve designed our Pro systems to meet the demands of professional event producers and comes in 2 sizes and can accommodate 250-500 persons 


Eilte System

The ELITE SYSTEM can entertain thousands of your community members with a state-of-the-art, giant, movie system.
It comes in 9 & 12 meter sizes and can accommodate 1500—3000 persons 

The Equipment

We provide you with state of the art equipment to ensure a great experience for all your guests

The Screen

Host Anywhere

A portable outdoor/indoor screen that can be used anywhere.

Easy and Simple to Use

Just inflate and connect and you are ready to host movie nights


Multi Projection

Our screen lets you project from the front or back, depending on the site requirements


With the low set up costs you can start generating a profit from the start


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We help you start a business, we supply you with the equipment, ideas and inspiration to become a start up entrepreneur in the exciting world of being your own boss. 

We supply equipment, training and support and we compile it all in a easy to use system that is affordable and accomplishable.


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